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Birch Groves Committees: 

We rely on our members to volunteer on various committees to assist with the operation and management of the association. These are our existing committees and their members. Full descriptions of each committee may be found in the BGA By-laws. Please contact committee chairperson with any questions or concerns.

Clubhouse, Beach & Recreational Land Advisory Committee

Reviews and evaluates the ongoing condition and design of the clubhouse, beach and surrounding grounds, and makes recommendations with proposed budgets to the BOD for the maintenance and improvements of these facilities.


Debbie Keuper & Kevin Ford Co-Chairpersons: or

Dean Petrucelli

Dan Keuper


Boating Docks Advisory Committee

Coordinates Spring and Fall docking activities; receives member applications for boat slips; reviews and evaluates the dock system structure and anchorage and makes recommendations to the BOD with proposed budgets for maintenance and improvements.


Kevin Ford Chairperson:

Marcie Twomey

Laurie Fletcher-Ford

Chris DeCaro

Land and Buildings Advisory Committee

The Vice President is the Chairperson and will appoint additional members with approval of the President. Clears plans for new building or for additions to existing buildings of members before final approval of the BOD.


Bob O'Donnell Chairperson:

Debbie Keuper

Deb DeCaro

Marla Monahan 

Roadway, Grounds and Landscaping Advisory Committee

Reviews and evaluates the ongoing condition, maintenance and design of landscaping efforts on Association property.  Reviews the general condition of roadways and right-of-ways with Birch Groves, and makes recommendations to the BOD with proposed budgets for maintenance and improvements.


Beth Casson & Eric Des Biens Co-Chairpersons:

Bob O'Donnell

Dan Keuper

Debbie Poole

Ginny Krul



Management Advisory Committee

Consists of a Chairperson and 4 non-officer members.  The Chairperson and members shall be appointed by the BOD and approved by the Membership.


Reviews and evaluates the effectiveness of the BOD and provides reports to the BOD and general membership at regular meetings. Solicits members and interviews for prospective candidates for elected office.


Paul LaBlanc & Meg Fix, Co-Chairpersons: or

Laurie Fletcher

Mike Monahan

Debbie Poole



Social Events Advisory Committee

Establishes social and entertainment events for the Association members on Association property.

Beth Petrucelli, Chairperson:



Water System Advisory Committee

In conjunction with the contracted Certified Water System Operator hired by the BOD, assists the BOD in understanding the design, ongoing condition and improvement needs of the community's water system, including pump houses.


Mike Tierney, Committee Chair: 

Tom Fix

Sean Meenan



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